The Planners


Jennifer Adams

Owner/Lead Planner

Best described as an empathetic softly. I am a hopeless romantic with a strong side for getting things done, which is why Wedding Planning is the best place for me.

I love reading books and talking for hours. Chocolate is my favourite food group. I am good at what I do, and have a passion for planning. I am super organized, love making charts and sticking to a strict timeline. I am a mother of two-a daughter and a son; so I have mastered the art of multitasking (or so I think). I was born on the West side of Canada and have always loved planning events.

I got my first taste of planning when I was 13 and helped my Aunt plan for her wedding. I loved the dress shopping and all the DIY. I remember the night before the wedding it rained, and my Aunt was a little on edge; it was an outdoor ceremony (in a field) and there was no rain contingency plan. I remember talking to her in the room, and saying that rain was good luck and it was sure to pass. And I was right, the ceremony was amazing and the reception was a blast! At 13, I was a junior bridesmaid and future planner! Since then, I have planned many family/friends’ events and it is a dream come true.